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21.03.2018 - 15.04.2018


The Schneidertempel Art Center brings together art lovers for the works of two different arts of Nilgün and Oğuz Dicle between 21 March and 15 April 2018. The exhibition is named "Sea inside the glass and Time in Lines". Nilgün Dicle takes glass and sculptures reflecting the sea and environmental problems with her own distinct style while Oguz Dicle is aiming to provide a visual pleasure to the spectators with cartoons that deal with time concept in various dimensions. 

According to Nilgün Dicle, glass, like the water that takes the form of the pot, flows into the form determined by the designer. For hundreds of thousands of years, glass has been giving life to art pieces while it has been an indispensable element of life.

The artist believes that glass design has an effect that cures both the creator and the follower. The technique that she used in this exhibition probably is a first in the glass world. Nilgün Dicle as a pathologist, sends a salute to her profession while turning microscope lams  into glass sculptures.

Cartoon for Oğuz Dicle is a visual communication tool. The cartoon, which one sees as one of the types of art where man can best utilize his imagination, his creativity and his critical capacity, can present unlimited meanings with a momentary effect on its audience. Oğuz Dicle, in this exhibition,  is sharing his caricauters that reflect contradictions of the human in his ongoing life against time which is the measure of change

The "Sea inside the glass and Time in lines" exhibition will open on Wednesday, March 21 at 18:00 with a cocktail. The exhibition, which will remain open until April 15, 2018, can be visited daily from 11:00 to 18:00 except Monday to Tuesday.


Nilgün Dicle

İzmir ceramic and glass artist Nilgün Dicle received his first ceramics education at İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum. Then she continued working at different workshops with different instructors, especially Tüzüm Kızılcan. She participatied to a large number of mixed exhibits. She opened his first personal ceramic exhibition on March 13, 2008 at İzmir Art Gallery. She was awarded 8 exhibition awards including Ministry of Culture State Painting and Sculpture, Golden Test Ceramics and Turgut Pura Sculpture Competition.

 She studied with Professor Lale Andic and continued with Czech artist Frantisek Janak, American artists Julie Anne Denton and Nejad Kavvas at the Glass Furnace Foundation. She opened her first personal glass exhibition at Haluk Elbe Art Gallery in Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum. The artist who thinks that art education is a lifetime, continues to develop with domestic and international seminars, symposiums and workshops.

Her works took place in numerous catalogs, collections and at Eskişehir Cam Museum. She has been working  in her own workshop in İzmir.

Oğuz Dicle

Oguz Dicle started his art carier  in 1977. He exhibited his drawings at the joint exhibitions and newspapers with many artists at the Cartoonists' Association İzmir. He attended to strange exhibitions like cloth cartoons in the playgrounds and moving cartoons in public transport vehicles.

He used the lines more as a tool to facilitate learning in the field of education. There are 6 competition prizes in which İş Bankası Cartoon Second Prize is included. Oğuz Dicle, who has opened two personal exhibitions, sees cartoons as a line of humor and therefore does not include any manuscripts in his cartoons.

According to him, cartoon is a visual means of communication and the use of humor, which is the most complicated state of thinking ability that separates man from other creatures, makes him privileged.


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