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"Mechanising Process" Exhibition

18th September - 19th October 2008

Betsy Sullam's first "mechanising process" exhibition has taken place in 2006, now two years later comes out her new work, once again questioning the complex relation between  humankind and fast pace of the changing world." Trying to create a unison between himself and the changes in surrounding  world, a struggle to protect certain values,  a mechanising  future" Betsy reviews her view with these sentences and also she has reflected all these in her sculptors.

The consept of the exhibition is;

“mechanising process II”

I wished to emphasize in my work the fact that from human industrial revolution and on; human beings became one alike, capital way of thinking overrulled them. My goal to use the specific metarials is to point out the machinelizing mankind. Sculptures embracing the space, hanging down the ceiling; queing one near the other..it is about the process where time stops / repeats itself; my works reflect human beings, lives, way of  thinkings, our judgements and values.


Betsy Sullam has opened many solo exhibitions besides participating  exhibitons and workshops with other artists since 1994. Her wide range of work  covers many different media of art from installations to jewellary design, video projects. Sullam is a lecturer at Yeditepe University, Faculty of Art.

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