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Cartoon Exhibition

3rd - 27th February 2011

The caricaturist Mehmet Bakir’s drawings from the last two years will meet audience in the exhibition
named “Humor the Perpetrator” on 3 February Thursday.
The main theme of exhibition is “We will be recognized more with what we destroyed, than what we
created.”, and here is its manifesto:

If you have planned coming to this exhibition and you’re reading this text, please think twice.
There are probably better things to do. Go watch TV. Shop like a crazy. Do harm to nature. Destroy the trees, pollute the water. Help each other to enlargen the hole in the Ozone Layer. Reduce species a little more. Comsume hormon-injected foods and then abuse people, smash and colonize them by moving with your hormons. Let down the people loving you, break their hearts. Hate each other, terrorize in the traffic jam. When the team you supoort loses a match, lose yourselves and invent new swear words. Bark for war. Then clear your consciences with your so-called anti-war shows. Stay alone one-on-one with your ego. Or turn back here; The stories we tell each other are all the same. We travel to ourselves every time. Or don’t turn back. The truth is that; wherever you go,you’re in the wrong place.

The opening cocktail of the exhibition, whose perpetrator is humor, starts at 18:00
It can be visited until 27 February.

Location: Schneidertempel Art Gallery ; Bankalar Cd. Felek Sk. No:1 Karaköy
Phone: 0 212 249 01 50
E-mail : sanat@schneidertempel.com
For Contact: Handan Önel

Muhammet Bakır

Born in 1980.
Graduate from Inonu University Fine Arts Education Graphic Branch of Art in 2002.
Post graduate from Gazi University Graphic Branch Master of Art in 2008.
Post Graduate Thesis on “Relationship Between Creativity in Arts and Cartoon”.
First personal exhibition in 2008.

The artist’s works are Graphic Design, Ex-libris, Genuine Print Illustration and his most interested
branches are Graphic Design and Cartoon. Bakir’s cartoon works were exhibited, issued and received various
awards both in Turkey and abroad. Muhammet Bakir’s cartoons took place in many collective exhibitions and
published in magazines like Karakalem, Inat (domestic), Donquichotte (Germany) and he works freelance on
graphic design.

Some awarsd of Muhammet Bakır
2002 Inonu University (Cartoon Fest Workshop First Place) Certificate of Achievement / MALATYA
2003 Cartoon Foundation Certificate of “Contribution to Cartoon Art” / ANKARA
2004 Donquichotte 1. International Cartoon Competition (about EU and Turkey) Special Prize / STUTTGART / GERMANY
2005 International Cartoon Competition ‘‘18.Rassegna İnternazionale di Satira e Umorismo’’ Under 25 Cartoonist Final Prize /
2006 Poster Competition about Blood Donation First Prize / ANKARA
2006 Turkish Chemists’ Association Cartoon Competition Second Prize / ANKARA
2006 World Usability Day`06 at Hyderabad International Cartoon Competition Special Prize / HYDERABAD / INDIA
2006 5. Googlm International Cartoon Competition Perfection Prize / CHINA



Schneidertempel Art Gallery Bankalar Str. Felek Str. No:1 Karaköy / İstanbul Phone- Fax: 0 212 249 01 50 E-mail: info@schneidertempel.com